His Highness, Dining


His Proclamations


He Proclaims Himself Emperor

He Abolishes Congress

He Removes Governor Wise

He Calls Out the Army

He Dissolves the Republic

He Declines A Gift

He Asks for Blessing

He Demands Suitable Attire

He Fires Abraham Lincoln

He Denounces an Imposter

He Claims Maxmillian as a POW

He Orders Andrew Johnson's Arrest

He Supports a Pioneer Aviator

He Gives Goat Island to Oakland

He Calls for a Bridge

He Invents a Better Railroad Switch

He Forecloses on a Bank

He Issues Imperial Bonds

He Calls for Religious Unity

He Corrects a Newspaper Error

He Banishes a Traitor

He Demands Rooms at the Grand Hotel

He Blocks Spring Valley Water

He Fires All Public Officials

He Orders a Rebellion Put Down

He Bans the F-Word

He Calls for A Bridge (Again)

He Demands His Share of the Octopus

He Impeaches $tealin £andford

He Orders Repairs to Cable Cars

He Cautions Against False Reports

He Calls for A Bridge (Yet Again)

He Calls for One Religion

He Announces His Intention to Marry

He Accuses a Man of Theft

He Calls for A Webring

He Douses A Flame War

His Biography

The Emperor Norton Prizes

Clip Art

His Obituary

The TRUTH about Bummer and Lazarus

Bibliography and Links

Chat in His Parlor
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