Famous San Franciscans
Not Buried in Colma

Many famous people have passed in and out of San Francisco, to be claimed by the residents as one of their own. Here's a list of those who were not buried in Colma and their place of rest.

E.D. Baker Lawyer and Civil War Hero
Killed at Ball's Bluff, Virginia
San Francisco National Cemetery
Ambrose Bierce Satirist and Author Disappeared in Mexico, 1913
Charles Boles
or Bolton
aka Black Bart
Gentleman bandit and poetaster
Disappeared in 1895, reported to have died in 1917 by
The New York Times
Phillip Burton United States Representative who wrote legislation for Golden Gate National Recreation Area San Francisco National Cemetery
Sala Burton United States Representative San Francisco National Cemetery
Donaldina Cameron Presbyterian Reformer
and Rescuer of Prostitutes
Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles
Al Capone Gangster
Alcatraz Inmate
Mt. Carmel Cemetery
Hillside, IL
James Casey City Supervisor
Shot James King of William
Hung by Vigilantes
Mission Dolores Cemetery
Henry David Cogswell Eccentric Dentist Mountain View, Oakland
William Tell Coleman 1856 Vigilantes'
Number One
Bellefontaine Cemetery
St. Louis, Mo.
Belle Cora Parlor House Madam Mission Dolores Cemetery
Charles Cora Victim of the Vigilantes Mission Dolores Cemetery
Lotta Crabtree Actress Grass Valley, California
Charles Crocker Robber Baron Mountain Cemetery, Oakland
Pauline Cushman Union Spy
First Woman Officer
San Francisco National Cemetery
David Farragut Civil War Admiral
and Commander, Mare Island Shipyard
Woodlawn, New York
James A. Folger Coffee Baron Mountain View, Oakland
John C. Fremont Explorer & Civil War General
U.S. Senator
Rockland Cemetery
Piermont, New York
Robert Frost Poet
(Born in San Francisco)
Bennington, Vermont
Freddy Funston General who saved SF from looters in 1906 San Francisco National Cemetery
Domingo Ghiradelli Chocolate Magnate Mountain View, Oakland
William Gwin United States Senator Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland
Dashielle Hammett Detective novelist Arlington National Cemetery
Bret Harte Author Frimley Churchyard
Surrey, England
Sarah Althea Hill Courtesan involved in Sharon swindle and second wife of David Terry Stockton, California
Jonestown Victims Mass Suicide Evergreen, Oakland
Isaac Kalloch Workingman's Party Mayor
Baptist Minister
Wounded by Charles de Young
Bayview Cemetery
Bellingham, Washington
Thomas Starr King Abolitionist Unitarian Minister
and Champion of Union Cause
First Unitarian, San Francisco
Jack London Author Jack London State Historic Park, California
Lily Langtry Actress Highgate Cemetery, London
James Lick Eccentric Philanthropist Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, California
Adah Isac Mencken Actress Pere Lachais, Paris, France
Harvey Milk San Francisco City Supervisor Ashes distributed off the Golden Gate
Lola Montez Actress Greenwood Cemetery,
New York City
Jelly Roll Morton Jazz Musician Cavalry Cemetery
Los Angeles, CA
Frank Norris Novelist Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland
Kathleen Norris Novelist Alta Mesa, Palo Alto
Mary Pleasants Alleged "Voodoo Queen" and African-American Community leader Vallejo, California
Robert Ripley Syndicated Columnist
"Believe it or not!"
Rural Cemetery
Santa Rosa, CA
William Tecumseh Sherman Civil War General
and Gold Rush Banker
Cavalry Cemetery,
St. Louis, MO
Leland Stanford Robber Baron,
Founder of Stanford University
Buried in Stanford Family Mausoleum, Stanford University
"Yankee" Jim Sullivan Former U.S. Heavyweight Champion
Victim of Vigilantes
Mission Dolores Cemetery
Adolph Sutro First Jewish Mayor of major American city Sutro Heights
David Terry Murderer of David Broderick, former State Supreme Court Justice, and lawyer/husband of Sarah Althea Hill Stockton, California
Alice B. Toklas Companion to Gertrude Stein
(Parents buried at Hills of Eternity)
Pere Lachais, Paris
Mark Twain Author Elmira, New York
William Walker Filisbuster Shot in Honduras, 1859
Dan WhiteSan Francisco City Supervisor who shot Milk and Moscone Golden Gate National Cemetery

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