The Cemeteries of Colma

Such room to roam in after death!
- Joaquin Miller

Map of Colma

Key to Map
All Area Codes are 415
Abbr Full Name Phone Emphasis
CL Cypress Lawn Memorial Park 755-0580Nonsectarian
EH Eternal Home Cemetery 755-5236 Jewish
GH Golden Hills Cemetery 755-0232 Chinese
GO Greek Orthodox Cemetery 755-6939 E. Orthodox
GL Greenlawn Memorial Park 755-7622 Nonsectarian
HE Hills of Eternity 756-3633 Jewish
HC Holy Cross 756-2060 Catholic
HP Home of Peace 755-4700 Jewish
HS Hoy Sun Memorial Cemetery 982-6060 Chinese
IT Italian Cemetery 755-1511 Catholic
JP Japanese Benevolent Society 921-1782 Japanese
OL Olivet Memorial Park 755-0322 Nonsectarian
PR Pets Rest Cemetery 755-2201 Animals
SA Salem Cemetery 755-5296 Jewish
SE Serbian Cemetery 755-2453 E. Orthodox
WO Woodlawn Memorial Park 755-1727 Nonsectarian

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